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Table of Contents, vol. 13 (2020)


Andrej Fech, Righteous War in Early Daoist Classics

Stephen Eskildsen, The Ancient Awl of 700 Years: Hibernation and Daoist Meditation

Guo Wu, Loyalty and Filial Piety in Internal Alchemy

Maggie Wan, Named Figures in Frontispieces of Buddhist and Daoist Scriptures

Cai Juemin, A False Dao? Popular Daoism in America

Forum on Contemporary Practice

Li Juntao, The Neijing tu and the Twenty-four Calendar Divisions

LoAn Guylaine Tran, A Ladder to Heaven: A Day at the Five Immortals Temple

Adam Chanzit, Return to My Peach Blossom Spring: A Daoist “Paradise” in China Today

Abraham S. Y. Poon, The Practice of Body-Qi-Spirit in the Huainan hongliei and in Holo-Cosmic Qigong

Timo Dittrich, Snöfrid aus dem Wiesental: Daoist Themes in a German Children’s Book

Mark Saltveit, Comedians as Daoist Missionaries

News of the Field

Ursula K. LeGuin: A Memorial