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Journal of Daoist Studies

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Facilitators: Livia Kohn, James Miller, Robin Wang

Editorial Board

Shawn Arthur, Friederike Assandri, Stephan-Peter Bumbacher, Suzanne Cahill, Joshua Capitanio, Alan K. L. Chan, Chang Yi-hsiang, Shin-yi Chao, Chen Xia, Kenneth Cohen, Donald Davis, Catherine Despeux, Jeffrey Dippman, Ute Engelhardt, Stephen Eskildsen, Elisabeth Friedrichs, Norman Girardot, Seth Harter, Jonathan Herman, Adeline Herrou, Dominique Hertzer, Shih-shan Susan Huang, Clarke Hudson, P. J. Ivanhoe, Jiang Sheng, Kang Xiaofei, Paul Katz, Sung-Hae Kim, J. Russell Kirkland Terry Kleeman, Louis Komjathy, Ronnie Littlejohn, Liu Xun, Liu Yi, Lü Xichen, Victor Mair, Mei Li, Mark Meulenbeld, Thomas Michael, Christine Mollier, Harrison Moretz, Mori Yuria, David Palmer, Fabrizio Pregadio, Michael Puett, James Robson, Harold Roth, Robert Santee, Elijah Siegler, Edward Slingerland, Richard Wang, Robin Wang, Michael Winn,  Xu Liying, Yang Lizhi, Yao Ping, Robin Yates, Yen Hsüeh-cheng, Zhang Guangbao, Zhang Qin


JDS has three main parts: Academic Articles; Forum on Contemporary Practice; and News of the Field. Articles should be about 6-8,000 words; forum notes, about 800 words; and news items, brief and to the point. Chinese characters should be embedded in the text. For a model file with editorial guidelines, contact


To submit an article, a note on contemporary practice, or a news item for publication in JDS, please send it as e-mail attachment to Articles will be reviewed by two anonymous readers and accepted after approval.Deadline for submissions of articles is September 30. The journal appears once a year, in February.