Journal of Daoist Studies

The Journal of Daoist Studies (JDS) is an annual publication dedicated to the scholarly exploration of Daoism in all its different dimensions. Each issue has three main parts: Academic Articles on history, philosophy, art, society, and more (limit 8,500 words); Forum on Contemporary Practice on issues of current activities both in China and other parts of the world (limit 5000 words); and News of the Field, presenting publications, dissertations, conferences, and websites.

Facilitators: Livia Kohn, Friederike Assandri, David Chai

Editorial Board: Robert Allinson, Shawn Arthur, Brigitte Baptandier, Bede Bidlack, Stephan Peter Bumbacher, Joshua Capitanio, Alan K. L. Chan, Shin-yi Chao, Chen Xia, Kenneth Cohen, Paul Crowe. Paul D’Ambrosio, Donald Davis, Catherine Despeux, Jeffrey Dippmann, Ute Engelhardt, Stephen Eskildsen, Georges Favraud, Elisabeth Friedrichs, Norman Girardot, Jonathan Herman, Adeline Herrou, Shih-shan Susan Huang, P. J. Ivanhoe, Jia Jinhua, Jiang Sheng, Paul Katz, Terry Kleeman, Ronnie Littlejohn, Liu Xun, Lü Xichen, Victor Mair, Mark Meulenbeld, Thomas Michael, James Miller, Hans-Georg Moeller, Christine Mollier, Harrison Moretz, David Palmer, Fabrizio Pregadio, Michael Puett, James Robson, Harold D. Roth, N. Harry Rothschild, Robert Santee, Elijah Siegler, Shanon Y. Small, Thomas E. Smith, Richard Wang, Robin R. Wang, Michael Winn, Yao Ping

Submissions: To make a submission, please contact us at [email protected]. Articles are reviewed by two anonymous readers and accepted after approval. A model file with editorial instructions is available upon request. Deadline for articles is September 1 for publication in February of the following year.

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