Journal of Daoist Studies

Vol. 17 (2024) is now available.

This volume contains:

ARTICLES: Devin Joshi, An Integrated Theory of Happiness: The Yang Zhu Chapter of the Liezi // Alex T. Hitchens, Mystery upon Mystery: Wang Bi on the Meaning of Xuan // Ezra Kohn, Lingzhi: Mushrooms, Immortality, and Order // Jacopo Scarin, Personal Quest and Anomic Events: Conversions to Daoism in Late Imperial China // Eliott Cohen, The Dao of Dialogue: Daoism, Psychology, and Psychotherapy // Aryeh Amihay & Lupeng Li, By Name and by Nature: Two Stories of People Named Unattractive in Daoist and Rabbinic Literature //

FORUM: Jung Jae-seo, Overcoming Capitalism: New Visions and Daoist Concepts // Diane Rooney, Christianity and Daoism: Healing Beliefs, Practices, Philosophies // Jack Schaefer, Daoist Celestial Medicine: Community, Cultivation, and Compassion // Tong-Miin Liou, The Sincere Mind of Goodness: Psychotherapy and Cosmic Qi-Healing // Gregory Ripley, Daoist Forest Bathing: Finding Community with the More-than-Human World // Bae Kyu-Han and Ko Nam-sik, Mind Cultivation in Daesoon Thought // Diane Rooney, How Daoism Found Me

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Description: The Journal of Daoist Studies (JDS) is an annual publication dedicated to the scholarly exploration of Daoism in all its different dimensions. Each issue has three main parts: Academic Articles on history, philosophy, art, society, and more (limit 8,500 words); Forum on Contemporary Practice on issues of current activities both in China and other parts of the world (limit 5000 words); and News of the Field, presenting publications, dissertations, conferences, and websites.

Submissions: To make a submission, please contact us at [email protected]. Articles are reviewed by two anonymous readers and accepted after approval. A model file with editorial instructions is available upon request. Deadline for articles is September 1 for publication in February of the following year.

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