Journal of Daoist Studies
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Journal of Daoist Studies

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Table of Contents, vol. 12 (2019)


Shen Ming-Chang—Laozi and Community Policing

Tang Man-To—Ji Kang’s Theory of Music: Two Interpretations 

Livia Kohn—Armored Gods: Generals, Guardians, Killers, and Protectors

William T. Sanders—Yixing and Buddhism in Manuals of Internal Alchemy

Scott Park Phillips—The Zhang Sanfeng Conundrum: Taijiquan as Enlightenment Theater 

Lichien Hung—Ritual Healing in Taiwan: The Rite for Concealing the Soul

Forum on Contemporary Practice

Herve Louchouarn—Daoist Medicine: Understanding Human Nature and Physiology

Denise Meyer—The Taiji Path to Non-Duality 

Helene Bloch—From Daoist Asceticism to Longevity Market? “Nourishing Life” on Mount Qingcheng

Ron Catabia—Blue Mountain: A 20th-Century Korean Daoist Master 

Matheus Oliva Da Costa—Daoism in Latin America

David Jeffrey—Zhuangzi in the Classroom: A Teacher Diary Study

Peter Deadman—The Black Pearl and the White Pearl

News of the Field