Supplement to Cosmos and Community
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Supplement to Cosmos and Community
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Livia Kohn
240 Pages


This work provides an additional nineteen translations to Livia Kohn's Cosmos and Community.The texts are arranged in five groups:

  1. Materials pertaining to the early communities of the Celestial Masters, 3rd to 6th centuries.
  2. Works addressed mainly to lay followers, linked with the major medieval schools and dating from the 5th and 6th centuries.
  3. Guidelines for medieval monastic organization and behavior, from the 7th and 8th centuries.
  4. Variant lists of rules in texts from the middle ages through the Ming dynasty, largely connected with ritual instructions.
  5. Complete Perfection texts that specify the modern ways of the monk together with detailed prescriptions of conduct and instructions on mental attitudes.

In each case, the text is introduced with a note on editions and scholarly discussions as well as a brief description of its content and main points of importance. With the exception of four texts, all materials are translated here for the first time. They are important for a more subtle understanding of the complexity of the communal organization and ethical thinking of the Daoist tradition, but they have not occupied the same level of influence and centrality as the texts translated in Cosmos and Community.