Daoist Internal Mastery

This book translates Master Wang’s original practice instructions and discourses given during training seminars. His system of internal alchemy goes back to two ancient Daoist texts: the 13th-century Lingbao bifa, linked to the immortals Zhongli Quan and Lü Dongbin;and the 17th-century Taiyi jinhua zongzhi (Secret of the Golden Flower), also connected to Lü. Together they are known as the Lingbao tong zhineng neigong shu (Arts of Internal Mastery, Wisdom, and Potential, Based on Numinous Treasure). The texts outline the concoction of a golden elixir through the dual cultivation of inner nature and life-destiny. This book follows the classics and presents all different kinds of techniques—including walking, pacing, sleeping, circulating the five phases, absorbing tree energy, and capturing planetary essences—in a systematic format and with a great amount of instructional detail. It contains a wealth of information invaluable to anyone interested in genuine Daoist cultivation and elucidates numerous rather obscure concepts to contextualize each practice.   

Contents and Introduction

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