The Eight Immortals’ Revolving Sword of Pure Yang

First in a Western language, this offers a thorough account of the Daoist mindset as activated in the contemporary world. Its three parts cover Master Wu’s personal journey, a detailed and illustrated description of the lives and powers of each of the Eight Immortals as well as concrete practice instructions of the unique sword technique associated with them. It opens both the practice and the intricacies of contemporary Daoist worldview to the outside world, using a cheerful narrative style and an internally revolving mode of presentation in conjunction with numerous practical details and beautiful illustrations.

Contents and Introduction

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Dr. Wu Baolin is a senior master of Daoist taijiquan, Chinese medicine, and qi cultivation. Born in China, he now heals and teaches in Santa Monica, widely recognized as an authority in Chinese medicine and the martial arts. He is also the author The Eight Immortals’ Revolving Sword of Pure Yang (Three Pines Press, 2011), and various other works on qigong, longevity, and health.

Michael McBride, a Los Angeles native, has studies with Master Wu for 24 years, working with qigong, taijiquan, swordplay and medical massage. He has traveled extensively in and around China for over two decades and is coauthor of The Eight Immortals’ Revolving Sword .