The Gourd and the Cross: Daoism and Christianity in Dialogue

The Gourd and the Cross goes back to an actual dialogue, first published in Korean in 2003. Reflecting highly personal understanding and exploration, it correlates Dao and the reign of God, compares Jesus and the sage of the Daode jing, and matches ideas of freedom in the Zhuangzi and the New Testament. It also establishes a dialogue between Daoist mind-fasting and Christian unknowing, examines concepts of Eastern immortality versus Western egalitarianism, and discusses visions of nature and humanity in the two religions, both traditionally and in terms of modern ecology. It concludes with an exploration of the interaction of Daoism and Christianity in Korean folk piety. Breaking exciting new ground, it brings Daoism to the fore in the growing field of interreligious dialogue. A must for anyone concerned with the changing face of religion and its impact in the contemporary world.

Contents and Introduction

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