Qigong Journey: Nine-Five Maintenance of Qi

Protect Your Life with Nine Palaces Daoist Qigong—

Qigong Journey brings students of Asian culture, Daoist philosophy, and the mind/body wellness connection directly into the mind of a master. Through the unparalleled knowledge and openness of Dr. Baolin Wu, take a journey through the many layers of the Daoist qigong experience. In this expansive volume, filled with personal anecdotes of life in the White Cloud Monastery, lies an in-depth exploration of the holistic and lyrical Daoist worldview, a shamanic experience both pragmatic and poetic. Discover the connection between the history and traditions of ancient understanding and the daily life we all lead today. The book is a practical manual detailing a complete, eight hundred year old protective qigong practice from the founder of the White Cloud Monastery itself, preserved in silence by the members of the White Cloud Monastery community until today. With painstaking, step-by-step instructions and beautiful illustrations by Oliver Benson, our beloved Qigong for Total Wellness artist, the goal of this book is to present the next level of Nine Palaces Daoist Qigong. Using a guided series of breath, visualization and internal isometric strengthening exercises, it is a life-changing physical training, focused on securing one’s body and consciousness in the midst of the very real health challenges, hardships and volatility of today’s world.

Contents and Introduction

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Dr. Baolin Wu takes us on a journey of exploration, through the many layers of his Daoist experience with unparalleled knowledge and openness. In his book, the reader delves into a Daoist consciousness that is both pragmatic and poetic that is the Qigong Journey. –Susan Heffernan, Producer, Director of Live Events and Sports Emmy Award Winner

At last students of both classical Chinese culture and modern mind/body wellness are brought directly into the mind of a master. Discover the connection between the traditions of ancient understanding and living your best life in today’s complex world. –Sandra Scales, Ph.D. in Tibetan Buddhist Psychology, author of Sacred Voices of the Nyingma Masters


Dr. Wu Baolin is a senior master of Daoist taijiquan, Chinese medicine, and qi cultivation. Born in China, he now heals and teaches in Santa Monica, widely recognized as an authority in Chinese medicine and the martial arts. He is also the author The Eight Immortals’ Revolving Sword of Pure Yang (Three Pines Press, 2011), and various other works on qigong, longevity, and health. https://beijingchinesemedicalcenter.com/

Jessica Eckstein has been Dr. Wu’s student in qigong, feng shui, martial arts and Yijing for thirty years as well as co-author of Lighting the Eye of the Dragon, voted one of the ten best Feng Shui books in English, and Qi Gong for Total Wellness, a classic introduction to the essentials of Daoist qigong in theory and practice.

Di Wu (MBBS, DC) is Dr. Baolin Wu’s son and thus a direct descendant of the Qing imperial physician Jutong Wu. He has practiced1 Chinese medicine, chiropractic, and Daoist arts for many years, transforming his and other lives.