Rousing the Rabbit

Qigong for Opening the Occipital Third Eye and Foreseeing Destiny

Rousing the Rabbit provides an in-depth exploration of rabbit symbolism and lore from a Daoist perspective. Not only did the abundant fertility of the rabbit establish it as an ancient form of currency and a potent emblem of wealth, but its powerful occipital third eye aids it in evading predators like the eagle. Drawing inspiration from careful observations of the rabbit’s physiology and behavior, the book guides readers through specialized qigong exercises designed to open the occipital third eye and take control of destiny. These engaging practices also have many health benefits, from enhancing athletic performance and cultivating longevity to averting misfortune and improving relationships. The work offers a unique synthesis of historical anecdotes, cross-cultural perspectives, Daoist teachings, and modern scientific thought, weaving together mythology, philosophy, qigong, and health strategies. It is a must for anyone engaged in self-cultivation and interested in Daoist worldview.

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1. Mother of Money–The Origin of Herbs, The Moon, Jade Rabbit, Hare Brush

2. Alleviating Retribution–Exercise One: Eye Rotations, Exercise Two: Relax and Notice, Exercise Three: Rabbit Breathing, Exercise Four: Finger Flicking, Separate Exercise: Eyebrow Lifts

3. Athletics—Eagle, Boxing, Zigzag Drills, Jumping, Benefits of Curvatures, Exercise One: Move the Feet, Exercise Two: Pound the Knees, Exercise Three: Pound Acupoints

4. The Zodiac and the Yijing—Yijing Theory, Twenty-Four Internal-External Animals, Six Animal Pairs from the Original Twelve, Three Rings of Incarnation: Past, Present, and Future, Eating According to the Eight Trigrams, Exercise: Rabbit Nose and Face Massage

5. Rabbit Year of AI—Speed, Step One: Open Mouth, Step Two: Teeth Bite, Step Three: Occipital Contractions, Three Homes, Three Checkpoints, Three Dots

6. Thirteen Points of Relaxation–Light Incense, Shoulder Lifts, Heart Drops, Ruyi Rotations, Finger Flicking, Wrist Shaking, Hip Rotations, Knee Rotations, Foot Circumductions, Ankle Rotations and Kicks, Atlas Micro-Adjustment, Head Tilts, Head Rotations, Head Lifts

7. Rabbit Qigong–Line of Transmission, Grow Ears, Dust Arms, Rabbit Paws, Forearm Block and Palm Push, Elbow Rolling and Retracting, Shoulder Circumduction, Scapula Adduction-Abduction, Cyclical Rotations, Side Circles, Front Circle, Palms Up, Clench, and Swallow, Wrist Wheel


No creature has enthralled me more profoundly than Rabbit, revealed in its full mystery and depth in this captivating book. Rabbit embodies an astonishing range of virtues—gentleness and ferocity, softness and powerful athleticism, generosity and healing. Rousing the Rabbit explores rabbit symbolism across traditions and cultures, making a compelling case for paying closer attention to this humble yet extraordinary creature. The book then provides an easy-to-follow qigong program that honors the rabbit through specific postures and movements aimed at cultivating strength, agility, intuition, and deep healing. This wonder of a book has expanded my appreciation for Rabbit in remarkable new directions. I’ll be pondering its many gifts for a long time to come. On my property, rabbits move in the gardens and herb beds, rearing their young under our thickest shrubs. After having read this book, I will never look at Rabbit in the same way again.
—Susan Chernak McElroy, author of Animals as Teachers and Healers: True Stories and Reflections


Dr. Wu Baolin is a senior master of Daoist taijiquan, Chinese medicine, and qi cultivation. Born in China, he now heals and teaches in Santa Monica, widely recognized as an authority in Chinese medicine and the martial arts. He is also the author The Soul of Taiji: Zhang Sanfeng-Wu Baolin Taijiquan (Three Pines Press, 2020), and various other works on qigong, longevity, and health. For more, see

Brent Christopher Wulf began studying qigong under Dr. Baolin Wu in 2006 and has since come to practice various other Daoist arts such as taijiquan, swordplay, and medical massage. He also earned a Master of Science degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2019. He lives in the Los Angeles area.