A Bright Light in the Darkness

A Modern Daoist Perspective on the Twelve Animal Zodiac

A Bright Light in the Darkness presents the vast variety of Daoist perspectives on the twelve-animal zodiac together with its practical application. It introduced the concept of the inner and outer zodiac and explains their relationship to individual destiny and the acupuncture meridian system. This book provides both an easily accessible foundation of the system for beginners as well as deeper insights and expanded principles for knowledgeable experts. Illustrating the intricacies of the relationship between human life and animals, the book highlights the importance of respect for nature, the animal kingdom, and one another. It is enlightening and joyful to read, a pleasure and inspiration for everyone.

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Part One: Daoist Philosophy

1. Daoism Today 1 // 2. Philosophy of Life 9 // 3. The Life Energy of Qi 15 // 4. Zodiac and Calendar 23 // 5. Years, Hours, and Phases 29 // 6. Applying the Zodiac 36 // 7. Humans and Animals 44

Part Two: The Twelve Animals

1. Rat 57 // 2. Ox 75 // 3. Tiger 94 // 4. Rabbit 114 // 5. Dragon 134 // 6. Snake 155 // 7. Horse 174 // 8. Sheep 193 // 9. Monkey 212 // 10. Rooster 231 // 11. Dog 250 // 12. Pig 266

Bibliography 285


Intriguing! I found A Light in the Darkness as highly provocative and entertaining as it is informative. It presents an insightful and fresh perspective on an ancient system thousands of years old. Dr. Baolin Wu’s Daoist methodology is renowned for being comprehensive, concise, and always rooted in practical wisdom. In all these respects, this book does not disappoint. The authors have penned a unique guide that is filled with detailed information and yet remains understandable and easily accessible. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the twelve-animals zodiac or Daoist wisdom.

—Robben Ford

I was very excited to get my hands on A Light in the Darkness. Once I heard that Dr. Wu—senior master of taiji quan, Daoist medicine, and qi cultivation—was going to write about the traditional twelve-animal zodiac with Kevin T. Hill—accomplished musician and student of Eastern and Western philosophies, history, and religion—I simply couldn’t wait! Anyone, even those with little knowledge of Daoism and Asian philosophies, will find the initial chapters of this book a fabulous introduction. The authors take the time to explain important basic terms and relate Asian wisdom to familiar western concepts. The second part provides an excellent reference guide to the zodiac of the twelve animals. Each animal’s function is explained, as well as their key traits, abilities, cultural and spiritual concepts, internal and external aspects, and mutual compatibility. I highly recommend it to students of the Chinese zodiac and all those curious about the insights and knowledge Daoism has to offer.

—Thomas Demand

Dr. Wu Baolin (b. 1954) is a senior master of Daoist taijiquan, Chinese medicine, and qi cultivation. Born in China, he now heals and teaches in Santa Monica, widely recognized as an authority in Chinese medicine and the martial arts. He is also the author of Dog Mother (2022), Rousing the Rabbit (2023) and various other works on qigong, longevity, and health. For more, see https://beijingchinesemedicalcenter.com/

Kevin T. Hill (b. 1987) Kevin T. Hill is a student of Daoism, Chinese Medicine, the Yijing, and qi cultivation under Dr. Wu Baolin. Born and raised in Santa Monica, he holds a liberal arts degree from Santa Monica College and has studied and practiced martial arts, philosophy, and meditation for over twenty years.