An Zoom lecture series with Livia Kohn, offering a systematic presentation of the main texts, schools, practices, and features of Daoism! Segments, starting in September 2023, last two months each; relevant readings are suggested. Lectures are scheduled every two weeks, on the second and fourth Friday, at 10 am Eastern Time. Each session consists of 45 minutes of lecture (with PPT), followed by discussion. The Zoom link is issued two days before each event; a recording is made available soon after its conclusion. Subscribers get to request topics! Subscription is US $20 per month.

The first section, September and October, consists of four lectures on the Daode jing, covering the text, the author, main concepts, and its key agenda. Suggested reading: Livia Kohn. 2019. The Daode jing: A Guide. New York: Oxford University Press. 

The second section, November and December, focuses on longevity techniques (breathing, daoyin, diet, and sexual practices). Suggested reading: Livia Kohn, ed. 2006. Daoist Body Cultivation (Three Pines Press). Best obtained here (paperback or PDF):


To subscribe:

If you sign up after lessons have started, you may purchase recordings of previous lectures for $12 each. Contact Livia Kohn directly: liviakohn@gmail.com