Author: Livia Kohn

Human Body Fengshui

An Almanac of Inner Daoist Cosmology by Dr. Baolin Wu and Austin Lane Muhs, in cooperation with Kevin T. Hill, Jessica Eckstein, Michael McBride, Paulina Wierzbicka, and Brent Christopher Wulf Human Body Fengshui is a unique journey into the mindset

An Almanac of Inner Daoist Cosmology

by Dr. Baolin Wu and Austin Lane Muhs,

in cooperation with Kevin T. Hill, Jessica Eckstein, Michael McBride, Paulina Wierzbicka, and Brent Christopher Wulf

Human Body Fengshui is a unique journey into the mindset of Daoist practitioners and their training modalities. It’s hard to encapsulate the essence of the Dao simply. But if you have ever wondered why a monk would dedicate their entire life to training away from society, then this book can help you understand it. Not everyone has a grasp on the meaning of life, but in a Daoist’s eyes, that meaning is easy to understand. With an in-depth understanding of the human body’s connection to the universe, you can begin to see the depths of how Daoists see the world and why they have chosen this time in history to start uncovering some of their long-held secrets of the heavens.

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1. The Soul-Seed (with Brent Christopher Wulf): The Third Eye—Balancing Oscillations—The Thirty-Six Categories—Intuition—Bravery—Heaven and Humanity—The Number Seven—The Phase Wood—Life Expectancy

2. The Flexibility of Fate (with Paulina Wierzbicka): Success and Failure—Cradle to Grave—Animal Equality

3. Working with the Natural Order (with Paulina Wierzbicka): The Five Phases and Nine Stars—The Twenty-Four Divisions

4. Classical Cosmology (with Michael McBride): Animal Power—Birds and Felines—Acupoints—AstrologyNumbers and Their Roles—Changing Fate—The Secret to Manifestation—Daoist Teachings

5. Human Motivation (with Michael McBride): The Meaning Behind Money—Lust in Society

6. The Happenstance of Fate (with Michael McBride): Drugs and Alcohol

7. Daoist Ritual (with Kevin T. Hill): Starting Reincarnation—Meditation Times—Water Cultivation

8. Past Life, Present Life (with Kevin T. Hill): Past-Life Family—The Object, of Objects—The World as Hologram

9. The Building Blocks of Reality (with Kevin T. Hill): Water and Sunlight—Qigong Practice—The Gaze—Under the Sea

10. A Grain of Rice (with Kevin T. Hill): The Clouds Above—Five Centers Practice—Right Timing—Scheduling for Weather—Wind and Thunder

11. Rudiments of the Body (with Kevin T. Hill): Physical Correspondences—Plants and the Body—Signs of Fate—Fruit of the Heavens—Pre-Natal Education

12. The Ideal Dwelling (with Jessica Eckstein): The Roots of Fengshui—Correlations in the Body—Yijing Calculations—Fengshui at Home—Bedrooms and Kitchens—Signs from Heaven—The Three Elixir Fields—Sun and Stars

13. Body Fengshui for Longevity (with Jessica Eckstein): Eyebrows Typology—Nine Types of Mouths—What is Said Cannot Be Unsaid—The Buddhist-Daoist Connection—Spiritually Revered Animals—The Rise of the Elements—Central Energy Lines—Periods of Life in Association with the Spine—Color by Color—The Five Senses—Sensory Perception

14. Endings Are Beginnings (with Jessica Eckstein): The Nine Palaces Rebirth Practice—Changing Your Fate—Retirement—The Power is Yours!—Going in Deceased, Coming Out Alive—The Deeper Meaning of the Yin/Yang Symbol—Human Conditioning and Natural Flow—Soul Death Practice—Practice Effects—What’s in a Dream?—The Lifestyles of Humanity




This pioneering commentary on Daoism will inevitably raise questions within the scientific and spiritual communities for ages to come. A great book for anyone curious about the meaning of life, or the esoteric roots of existence.

—Tony Newton, Musician, Author, and Filmmaker

Austin Lane Muhs (b. 1986) is a career tarot reader, astrologer, and author based out of Santa Monica, Calif. Born in Dallas, Texas, he brings many years of qigong training, community service, and reform work to his written works. He is also known as an authority in the fields of national disaster response and animal rescue.

A Bright Light in the Darkness

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Qigong for Opening the Occipital Third Eye and Foreseeing Destiny Rousing the Rabbit provides an in-depth exploration of rabbit symbolism and lore from a Daoist perspective. Not only did the abundant fertility of the rabbit establish it as an ancient

The Yellow Court Scripture, vol. 1

Text and Main Commentaries

by Livia Kohn

The Huangting jing (Yellow Court Scripture) is a central classic of Daoist meditation. It comes in two major versions, an “outer” and an “inner” text, that are both revealed by senior deities and written in lines of seven characters. Going back to the early middle period, with major commentaries from the Tang dynasty, they are rather mysterious and poetic in diction, presenting the human body in terms of energies and spirits, towers and chambers. Without giving specific instructions, they suggest visualization, energy circulation, and alignment with the celestial bodies to maintain and control these internal powers in order to enhance life, increase longevity, and reach for immortality. Both texts, moreover, carry celestial potency in themselves and have been chanted since they first appeared. This book, after a historical introduction, translates both versions with their main commentaries, prefaces, and recitation instructions. Allowing the sources to speak for themselves, it opens a new vista on Daoist meditation, traditional cosmology, and the Chinese understanding of body and mind.

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Mad Rulers and Worthy Sons

A Translation and Analysis of the Newly Excavated Zhouxun

by Andrej Fech

This book presents the first study and translation of the ancient text Zhouxun (Instructions of the Zhou). Lost early but mentioned in the history of the Han dynasty, a copy appeared recently and was published as part of the Peking University collection. The work is unique in its claim that ancient Chinese monarchs determined their succession based solely on the abilities of their heirs, disregarding ritually sanctioned criteria, such as primogeniture and the nobility of the maternal lineage. Power transfer here combines hereditary and meritocratic factors in new and different ways. Mad Rulers and Worthy Sons provides a complete translation together with a detailed analysis of the history, structure, and contents of this important document. The book opens a new chapter in our understanding of political values and governmental procedure in early China.

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Living with Taiji

Resilience through Inner Power

by Frieder Anders with Emanuel Seitz

Living with Taiji shows how to live optimally, following the principles of Daoism and nourishing life by practicing the traditional art of Taiji, which goes far beyond martial arts and offers access to a fully integrated and empowered way of life. The book is the product of decades of experience: Frieder Anders, the first European master of the 6th generation of the Yang style, has practiced or almost fifty years and served as a teacher for over forty. The book divides into two parts. First, “Taiji in Action” reprints sections of monthly blog posts on the concrete activation of the practice; it focuses on the breathing types and the growth of inner power. Second, “Fundamental Concepts” introduces key principles as well as the Daoist perspective (by Emanuel Seitz). The book is inspiring and easy to read; it offers an in-depth understanding of Taiji and gentle guidance toward the personal unfolding of optimal ways of being and resilience through inner power.

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JDS 16 (2023)

AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 1. PREORDER NOW! Paperback $30, plus S& H PDF file: $15 CONTENTS Articles Katerina Gajdosova Being One with Dao: The Emergent Notion of Freedom in Early Chinese Cosmological Texts Christina Panera Embodying Heaven: The Ancient Philosophy of Dance

Shadows of Mawangdui

Animating the Silk Daoyintu

by Ronald C. Smith & Antonio M. Carmone

Shadows of Mawangdui offers a fresh perspective on a set of drawings on silk called Daoyintu (Exercise Chart), part of a medical library that was unearthed from a Chinese tomb, dated 168 BCE. Substantially damaged, the silk is arguably one of the most enigmatic medical manuscripts found. Its forty-four static images give an intriguing but incomplete view of an ancient health practice, developed at a time when magical and medical concepts coexisted. Daoyin is the ancient forerunner of modern qigong energy work, and many of the manuscript’s original movements can be connected to present-day practices.

Inspired by their taiji quan teachers and drawing on scholarly work on medical and Daoist exercises, the authors offer a highly creative and inspiring interpretation of the images. They show the images, give a detailed explanation, and offer a step-by-step movement guide, complete with descriptive photos. The work is insightful and inspiring, having grown from many years of practice, intuitive analysis, and teaching. Readers are encouraged to work with the exercises along the lines suggested, yet also allow their one unique creativity to unfold as they take their very own path, look within themselves, and find their own meaning in the age-old practice. A powerful guide and engaging presentation for anyone interested in healing, longevity, Chinese medicine, and Daoism.

Contents and Introduction

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Dog Mother

World Culture and Dog Qigong

Dog Mother explores the powerful relationship the dog has with humanity. From a Daoist perspective, it examines the pivotal role the dog has in world culture through studies of folklore, mythology, and religion. Opening new insights on the dog’s significance and ample cross-cultural connections. Dr. Baolin Wu reveals the spirit that connects dog and humanity in sharing for the first time the Chinese zodiac’s Dog Qigong from the White Cloud Temple in Beijing. A practice embodying the canine spirit to transform the practitioner, to increase the body’s ability to self-heal, and to establish a deep relationship with nature. In addition, he also offers Dog Neigong exercises, simple enough to perform throughout the day to increase the body’s natural senses (smelling, hearing, seeing) generating health and long life. The book is a cultural treasure-trove, a formidable cornucopia of dog lore, and a potent resource for self-healing and Daoist realization. A must-read for all interested in dogs, personal cultivation, and cultural exploration.

Contents and Introduction

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JDS 15 (2022)

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